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What Are The Skills Of Local Chickens?

Pulished on Nov. 06, 2019

At present, consumers have a large demand for woodland free-range chickens, and farmers have high profits. However, we have found many problems in the actual production process. Farmers must master key technologies and pay attention to solving problems in time. What are the specifics? Please take a look at our Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturer.

1, the source is unstable

There are two kinds of local chickens that are currently farmed by farmers. One is pure chicken breeds, which are from Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, etc.; the other is common chickens raised from grains. These chickens come from a wide range of sources, and the farmers who sell them are introduced there. The quality of the chicks is uneven and the batches vary greatly.

2. Single sales channel

Despite the large demand for the forested chicken market, the biggest problem for farmers is the lack of sales channels. Some farmers adopt the method of selling, which causes the chickens to be sold completely beyond the age of the slaughter, which greatly increases the cost of breeding and even causes losses. In this regard, the role of the government is particularly important. It is necessary to provide information sources to help farmers to purchase and sell the Miao chickens, and to solve the problem of sales of chicken farmers in the forest.

3. Lack of key technologies

Farmers lack the key technology of scientific chicken raising. If some farmers have too small a density, in this case, a large amount of feed is fed, which causes the chickens not to exercise for food. The collection is around the feeding trough, which increases the cost of feeding and reduces the quality of the chicken. We need to use high quality Poultry Feeder Pan to reduce waste. In terms of breeding breeds, some farmers choose fast broiler breeds for large-scale broiler breeds, and feed them in large quantities for 2 months. This results in poor quality of chicken and loss of the proper taste of the chickens in the woodland. Sales are difficult. Other farmers believe that there is less disease in chickens under the forest and no immunization with vaccines. These conditions have brought great hidden dangers to chickens, and it is easy to cause outbreaks of chickens.

Poultry Feeder Pan

Poultry Feeder Pan

4, lack of brand concept

Woodland free-range chickens should actively promote high-quality varieties and implement pollution-free production. Some farmers falsify, use fast chickens to pretend to be chickens; use compound feed to raise chickens. Therefore, farmers must change the traditional farming concept and establish brand awareness. In terms of varieties, fast large varieties are clearly not suitable for the needs of pollution-free production. In production, we must do a good job in the production of chickens in forests in accordance with pollution-free production standards. In particular, we must strengthen supervision and inspection of the use of illegal drugs, the use of drugs, and the use of additives, so that the forestry chickens can reach the pollution-free product standard. . We will win market credibility and economic benefits with high-quality and famous brand products, and build a free-range chicken brand in pollution-free forest land. Drive sales through branding and extend agricultural tourism.

5, common parasitic diseases and prevention

There are also drawbacks in stocking and feeding methods. Chickens are prone to parasitic diseases after eating and cause major economic losses. To this end, the prevention and control of stocking broiler parasitic diseases should be strengthened.

Common parasitic diseases in stocking chickens include chicken lysium tsutsugamushi and chicken tsutsugamushi disease. The control measures are as follows:

(1) Frequently clean the feces and bedding in the habitat, and accumulate the fermentation to kill the eggs.

(2) Strengthen feeding management. Keep the house dry, ventilated, and disinfect thoroughly on a regular basis; observe the dynamics of the flock regularly, and do“early discovery, early treatment”; prevent the flock from being exposed to rain and beasts; also pay attention to the intake of free-range chickens to ensure sufficient For moisture, you can use the Automatic Nipple Drinker For Poultry; reasonably adjust the quality of the concentrate to enhance the body's resistance.