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Precautions For Administration Of Nipple Drinker

Pulished on Sep. 10, 2019

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Chicken Water Drinker Line System

Chicken Water Drinker Line System

Drinking water is the most suitable and convenient way to digest the drug in drinking water. This method is suitable for short-term and emergency treatment, especially for birds with reduced feed intake after onset. However, in daily operations, many farm households do not pay much attention. In order to ensure rapid, safe and effective effects, the following three points should be noted shared by Water Drinker Line System Manufacturer:

1. Pay attention to drug characteristics and drinking water requirements. Drinking water should pay attention to the drug must be water-soluble, should be soluble in water. At the same time, the drinking water should be cleaned. If the tap water is disinfected with chlorine, it should be placed in the open air for 1-2 days to allow the residual chlorine to evaporate, so as not to affect the drug effect.

2. Pay attention to the uniformity of the drug, according to the amount of water. When dispensing the liquid, the drug should be fully dissolved and stirred evenly. Ensure that most poultry drink a certain amount of drug water within a certain period of time. Generally, the medicine should be consumed within 1 hour to prevent excessive water, causing insufficient dose of the inhaled poultry or insufficient water. Drinking water Not enough, drinking water is uneven. When adjusting the drug, carefully calculate the water supply for different ages and the size of the flock, and master the concentration of the drug in the drinking water. The concentration is usually expressed as a percentage.

3. Pay attention to water before drinking water to ensure the efficacy. In order to ensure that the birds only drink the right amount of drugs, the whole flock should be stopped for a period of time (depending on the temperature), usually about 4 hours in the cold season, and 2-3 hours in the warm season. After a certain period of water stop, and then add the symptomatic drinking water, not only allows the birds to fully drink the potion within a certain period of time, and the treatment effect is very satisfactory.

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