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How To Clean The Chicken Nipple Drinker?

Pulished on Sep. 02, 2019

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Today we would like to talk about how to clean the chicken water dispenser.

Many farmers feel very troublesome about the cleaning of chicken water dispensers. Generally, they have not been cleaned for a long time after installation. As a result, the last drinker is blocked and cannot be used normally. The following method gives the farmers' friends a brief introduction on how to quickly clean the chicken drinker by a professional Durable Drinker Nipple Supplier:

Durable Drinker Nipple

Durable Drinker Nipple

The nipple drinker remains in the water pipe in the discharged water. Several water nipples are opened in the water pipe section at a lower position, and the water remains in the discharge pipe to prevent the water from deteriorating and pollute the drinking water system. Drinking water or drinking water after immunization, use flushing water pipes and water tanks to prevent the accumulation of vaccines or drugs in the drinking water system, precipitation, deterioration, and water pollution. In production practice, if you find a nipple drinker with foreign matter inside, you can use high pressure to clean the water pipe by opening the pipe end. The other end of the high pressure pipe allows the pressure water pipe of the fast flowing water to rinse the nipple through the high pressure fast water. Viscous foreign matter and sediment in the tube. If there is a biofilm on the nipple of the water tube, hydrogen peroxide or organic acid can be used to remove the biofilm. Flushing pipes often use this method to prevent the formation of viscous foreign matter and the deposition of foreign matter in the water, in order to ensure clean drinking water.

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