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Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Value Of Chicken Water Dispenser

Pulished on Sep. 23, 2019

Find here details of Chicken Water Nipple Drinker on our website. Today we would like to talk about energy saving and environmental protection value of chicken water dispenser.

What is the energy saving value of chicken drinking fountains? Do you know what it is?

Chicken Water Nipple Drinker

Chicken Water Nipple Drinker

The chicken water drinker is a new water supply system used in the breeding industry. Compared with the traditional water drinker, its advantages are obvious, especially in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, showing many advantages, as follows shared by professional Nipple Drinker Manufacturer:

1. Water saving: According to the experiment, the chicken drinking fountain can save water by 75 to 80% than the water in the sink. In today's lack of water resources, the application of the chicken drinking fountain is of great significance.

2. Reduce labor intensity: the use of chicken water dispensers, eliminating the need for manual sump sinks, but also convenient for manual feeding, improve labor productivity.

3. Saving feed: Compared with the water supply of the sink, the 10,000-feet egg house can save about 8 tons of water per day, saving 45.2 kilograms of feed, and saving 11,000 yuan per 10,000 chickens per year.

In summary, the use of chicken water dispensers, clean and hygienic, save water, save feed, keep chicken manure dry, no need to clean, save labor, improve feed remuneration, improve the management of chicken farms, is the first of the farming managers water supply system.

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