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How To Do If There Is a Lot Of Ammonia In Poultry Breed?

Pulished on Jan. 10, 2020

During poultry breeding, many factors such as the accumulation of chicken manure, untimely cleaning, shacks, and high-temperature and high-humidity environment can easily produce a large amount of ammonia gas, which has high water solubility (1L water at 0 ℃) Soluble 907g) is often adsorbed on the chicken's skin, mucous membranes and ocular conjunctiva, thereby irritating it and causing various inflammations. Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturer shares with you.

1. Human detection method

If it smells of ammonia but is not dazzling or pungent, its concentration is about 10 ~ 15ppm; when pungent tears are felt, its concentration is about 25 ~ 35ppm; when you feel difficulty breathing, you can’t open your eyes When the tears don't stop, the concentration can reach 45 ~ 65ppm. Based on safety considerations, this method is not recommended for everyone, after all, toxic gases are too harmful to humans.

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2. Ammonia gas detector

A safe and convenient method is to use an ammonia gas detector, which is small in size and easy to carry and can also be fixed around the chicken house. When the concentration exceeds the standard, it can also emit a sound and flash to achieve the purpose of reminding.

3. Ammonia gas sensing electrode measurement method

Using the mixed solution of H2SO4 (0.05mol / L) and NH3 (1.00mg / L) as the absorption solution, the ammonia gas sensing electrode method for the determination of ammonia in the atmosphere can take advantage of the fast, sensitive and wide measurement range of the ion-selective electrode.

Experiments show that the linear measurement range of this method is 1.00 ~ 1000mg / L (or 0.019 ~ 0.519mg / m3), and the lower detection limit is 0.074 ~ 0.096mg / L (that is, 0.014 ~ 0.018mg / m3). The precision is based on the relative standard deviation. Expressed as 14.3%, the recovery rate of the method is between 97% and 102%. Required instruments: ammonia gas sensor, atmospheric sampler. The steps of this method are complicated, and the accuracy of each step is very high. Non-professionals cannot do it. The ammonia gas sensing electrode and the atmospheric sampler required by the instrument are all laboratory instruments, which is not easy to use.

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