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Precautions For Poultry Drinking Medicine

Pulished on Jan. 02, 2020

Poultry drinking water administration is to add drugs to the drinking water of poultry and let the drugs enter the chicken body through drinking water, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing or treating corresponding diseases. Drinking water administration has the characteristics of convenient, easy to implement, and exact effect. With the increasing scale and intensification of poultry farming, drinking water administration has become more common. Chicken Nipple Drinker Supplier shares with you.

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However, the following points should be mastered when using drinking water:

1. Symptomatic medication. Because different disease types, medication objects, medication types, medication purposes, dosages are different, and the dosage of different physiological or growth stages of the same animal is not the same, poultry drinking water medication is no exception. Determine the type and quantity of the drug based on its own characteristics, purpose of use, and disease category.

2. Drug quality. In order to achieve the corresponding purpose, the quality of the drug must be guaranteed when drinking water is administered, and the water solubility must be good. For this reason, you should check carefully when buying drugs, and first, make sure that the drugs you want to buy are water-soluble. Second, ensure that its packaging is complete, its properties are the same as before, the label and the information it contains meet the relevant national regulations and is within the validity period.

3. Water quality. The water quality of poultry drinking water must be clean and hygienic, close to neutral, and the mineral content must meet the standards. Otherwise, it may bring corresponding biological pollution or infection to poultry, or reduce the drug effect due to the neutralization of acidic water to alkaline drugs, alkaline water to acidic drugs, and the adsorption of minerals on the water to drugs. There were more intense adverse reactions.

4. Wash and disinfect. Before the poultry drinking water is administered, its drinking water system should be cleaned and disinfected strictly to prevent the attachment of water containers, water pipes and the inner wall of the water tank to stick to the medicine and reduce the efficacy, and the corresponding purpose of medicine cannot be achieved. When cleaning and disinfecting, it can be rinsed or wiped with a non-irritating odor and corrosive disinfectant, and then the above water supply system is rinsed with water.

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