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Precautions for Broiler Breeding

Pulished on Jan. 18, 2020

Broiler is one of the more popular species in the sales market today. However, if farmers want to raise a good broiler, it has a lot to do with the type and feeding management method. Since the type cannot be changed, but the feeding method can be changed, then the broiler What methods should be used for feeding? Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturer shares with you.

First, select the type. Choosing species is important for good broiler chickens. It is necessary to select the species with faster growth and development and stronger antiviral drugs so that the refined feed has higher pay, which is especially suitable for large-scale breeding.

Second, temperature control. When the chicks enter the chicken shed, it is generally required that the temperature of the barn should be 33-35 ℃, and then it should be lowered by 2 ℃ every week, and it must be lowered to 20 ℃. In addition, the differences between the thermal insulation and natural ventilation of the chicken shed Relevant, to avoid diseases such as liver and ascites due to chronic hypoxia in chickens.

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Third, suitable for relative density. Broiler flocks are not suitable for being too large. Generally, strong, weak, large, and small "classifications" are carried out according to the season. The relative density of feeding is generally 10-15 per square meter. If the relative density is too large, the feeding and drinking water will be uneven, and the weak chicks will be weaker because they cannot grab food and water, which will cause the chickens to grow unevenly.

Fourth, the selection of refined feed. The economic benefits of broiler feeding depend on the selection and feeding of concentrated feed on a large level, and the cost of concentrated feed generally accounts for about 80% of the cost of raising chickens. According to the broiler's diarrhea, it is necessary to moderately replace the concentrated feed and increase its feeding amount to ensure the nutritional value of broiler diarrhea.

Fifth, sunlight manipulation. Broilers should be fed with 23 hours of sunlight and 1 hour of blackbird rules. It is advisable to install 23-watt electric bulbs per square meter of the chicken shed. A common way is to use 25 watts of light bulbs every 20 square meters, staggered.

Sixth, moderately. The first is to grasp market conditions. The price of broilers when they are on the market has a high correlation with the economic benefits of broiler feeding. Breeders must often grasp and grasp the information content of the broiler sales market. Decision-making time and total number; second is to be moderate. The average broiler feeding time is 46-52 days. Overdue feeding will increase the amount of broiler chickens, reduce the weight gain rate, reduce the feed-to-meat ratio, and increase the cost of feeding.

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