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Winter Chicken Need To Pay Attention To Matters

Pulished on Dec. 10, 2019

Compared with other seasons, raising chickens in winter is faced with such problems as balanced ventilation and heat preservation, humidity and temperature, frequent diseases, etc. This stage is often the most difficult period for raising chickens, especially broiler chickens. Poultry Feeder Pan Tray Supplier teaches you how to get through this period smoothly.

Principle of ventilation: keep minimum ventilation

Winter chicken, do not deliberately pursue the air in the chicken house is particularly good. If, after ventilation, the breeder enters the chicken house and the air is particularly fresh and comfortable, then the ventilation is proved to be great. What principle should winter chicken coop ventilated follow? The smaller the better, the longer the better ventilation time, the slower the change of air freshness in the chicken coop, the better.

During ventilation, the change of temperature in the chicken coop should be mastered. When the temperature of the chicken coop is low, the ventilation volume should be reduced. Open fan ventilation, can open a fan, do not open two. At the same time, use ventilation and temperature to adjust the humidity of the chicken coop. If the humidity is large, the volume of air increases faster, the temperature drops more slowly; If the humidity is low, the air volume increases more slowly and the temperature drops more quickly.

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Anti-wind invasion: the reasonable setting of negative pressure

Scale breeding said often encounter wind, there are many reasons: the negative pressure set too high, the side window is too narrow, fan louvars are blown into the house by the wind, people in and out of the chicken house forget to close the door, wet curtain interlayer management and so on can lead to the invasion of wind.

How can large-scale farming prevent thief wind? According to the current 12-13m span of the chicken coop, the negative pressure in the coop with no roof is set at 20-23 in winter. If there is a ceiling, the negative pressure in the house can be set 15-18(negative pressure is too big or too small, through the side window into the chicken coop cold wind speed is too fast or too slow, the airflow is not easy to reach the top of the chicken coop, central, not easy to mix with the hot air in the coop, so cold stress is generated).

Nutrition principle: reasonable collocation

Broilers are prone to non-infectious respiratory diseases, especially in the winter around 25 days old broilers are more likely to occur. Under the premise of keeping the temperature in the house, the disease increased the ventilation volume, to ensure the oxygen content in the house, can reduce the incidence of chickens.

First, according to the different growth stages of the broiler, according to the standard diet. Because winter temperature is low, the quantity of heat that broiler consumes is bigger, the standard of metabolic energy in feed can be raised appropriately when making diet, and reduce the proportion of protein in feed appropriately, want to pay special attention to the content of vitamin in diet at the same time, satisfy its need. The raw grain must be free from mildew and impurities.

Use vitamin C to help fight stress in chickens. In the case of high temperature, cold, transportation and other adverse conditions and stress, adding vitamin C to chickens can alleviate the reaction to a certain extent.

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