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The Use Of Various Equipment In a Chicken Farm

Pulished on Dec. 18, 2019

As we all know, there are all kinds of equipment and appliances in the chicken farm, although many people look like its role is relatively simple, in fact, to use correctly and reasonable allocation, Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturer teach you exactly what the common equipment used in chicken farming can do.

1. Thermal insulation equipment must be installed in the chicken room. There are different thermal insulation equipment in different climates. The weather is the colder place most people will choose to use coal stove to chicken room heat preservation, burning coal furnace is the temperature room the fastest-warming, in the coal area, burning coal or more economical. However, it is more troublesome and tedious, to constantly change the coal, the temperature needs to be controlled manually. This coal stove insulation can be used for small or professional chicken farms.

2. There are two main types of exhaust equipment installed and fixed in the chicken coop. One is the exhaust blade installed on the roof. Another is installed in the chicken coop fan or exhaust equipment, the fan is to the outside of the chicken coop to send fresh air, the exhaust is to discharge the peculiar smell of the chicken coop air, two in, one out, to the chicken coop ventilation role.

3. Lighting equipment shall be installed in the chicken house, and a heat preservation lamp shall be installed in the chick room. When the climate changes or the temperature difference between outdoor and indoor is large, heat preservation lamp shall be turned on to reduce the temperature difference and avoid the stress response of the chick to the climate. In addition to heat preservation and so on, other places should install floodlight, raise a chicken house to choose energy-saving lamps commonly now, install everywhere in the chicken house, can illuminate the normal diet of chicken completely.

4. Most of the users who raise chickens in the house will choose to keep them in captivity, which is convenient for raising and management. Each chicken can be fed evenly and not in a disorderly order, so as to prevent the fight and fight for food between chickens. For example, the height and space of a chicken cage and a large chicken cage are not the same, and the drinking water equipment and insulation equipment are not the same.

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5. Chicken manure cleaning equipment is a must for farms. Tools commonly needed for manual feces cleanings, such as spades, wagons and other tools that can be used for feces cleaning are all ok. A large number of large investments is the choice of machine cleaning feces, in the cage to go have installed scraper equipment or conveyor belt type manure machine, to achieve automatic manure cleaning, reduce labor costs.

6. Disinfection facilities of chicken farms. In large scale chicken farms, there is usually a disinfection pool at the entrance of the chicken farms. Professional and special disinfection of the change of clothes, the field staff with uniform work clothes and shoes, entering the field must first go through the disinfection area disinfection. The vehicles coming and going when the chickens are put in and out are equipped with disinfection facilities, and the vehicles are sprayed with disinfectant or other spray disinfection methods.

7. Chicken food utensils, relatively small chicken farm are artificial feeding, including feeding trough, feeding bucket, artificial water and automatic drinking water, and so on, the scale is generally automatic feeding, in the cage installed with a variety of different feeding system and automatic drinking water system, greatly reduce the labor costs.

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