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There Are also Precautions for Breeding This Bird 2

Pulished on Mar. 02, 2020

Because these ducklings are very sensitive to light and have a large demand, it is necessary to ensure sufficient light in normal duck houses. For example, the setting of fluorescent lamps is essential. Generally, the time of receiving light every day is not large. It can be less than 12 hours, which is conducive to their later growth and enhances the corresponding body resistance, reducing the incidence of disease, so it also highlights the importance of sunshine to ducklings. Nipple Drinker Bowl Factory shares with you.

During the breeding process, the density of the breeding must be controlled. It is not possible to put all the ducklings in the same house for breeding. In this case, the density may be too large and damage may occur. Therefore, they need to be separated according to their growth and corresponding body types. In addition, when the weather changes, it is necessary to appropriately increase the corresponding density and adjust the indoor temperature according to the adjustment of the air temperature to prevent the ducklings from getting cold or cold due to seasonal changes or erratic air temperature.

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In the process of raising ducks, it can be said that the breeding of ducklings is crucial, and in the daily management, if the management is in place, it will naturally enhance the resistance of the ducks in the later period and achieve the corresponding Disease resistance, reduce the corresponding disease, so naturally, it can promote its growth. Corresponding aquaculture purposes can be achieved in a short period of time. There are actually many conveniences in farming ducks in the countryside because many sites can facilitate their foraging, and ponds can also be free-ranged, which will help them to get more abundant in the process of foraging. Nourish and grow better.

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