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There Are also Precautions for Breeding This Bird 1

Pulished on Mar. 02, 2020

Now it is the best time to raise ducklings. Moreover, most of the duck farming can be carried out on a large scale without much investment, which is relatively large for economic returns. Although the difficulty of breeding is not great, there are still some corresponding precautions, especially in the process of breeding teeth. If you master these skills, you can achieve good breeding results.

When the ducklings are in the condition that they have not emerged for a long time, their various systems are still in the stage of incomplete development, so it is very difficult to raise them in the previous month. It must be ensured that the temperature is with them. First of all, the temperature must not be too low. The temperature must be controlled at about 28 ~ 30 degrees. As their age gradually increases in the later period, the breeding time starts to gradually increase, and the temperature can be adjusted It's around 16-20 degrees Celsius. Automatic Nipple Drinker Factory shares with you.

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In the breeding process, after the ducklings come out of the shell, all the ducklings need to be watered for the first time. You can add some potassium permanganate in the water in an appropriate amount, but you need to pay attention to the concentration and you must control it to a lower range. Inside. The color of the water is as light as pink as possible, which is more appropriate. The purpose of this is to allow these little ducks to pass through the stomach and intestines. If it is purchased through breeding in other places, it will take a long time to transport. It is necessary to add appropriate sugar to the water and to control the situation similar to the indoor temperature during the drinking process of the water temperature. Two days later, an appropriate amount of medicine to improve the duckling's resistance can be added to the water.

For feeding, in general, you can feed immediately after drinking water for about two hours. The feed should be as refined as possible. In this way, you can prevent these ducklings who have just been born for a long time from eating. During the process, it will not cause the corresponding indigestion problem, and it can be fed in small amounts multiple times a day. After growing for about two days, you can change the feed composition, add protein or some other miscellaneous grains, and gradually increase the amount of each feeding according to the later production conditions, and reduce the number of feedings.

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