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What Are The Problems With The Feeding Management Of Chicks 2?

Pulished on Nov. 21, 2019

The raising and management of chicks pay attention to methods and methods, once inappropriate, will produce a lot of unnecessary problems.

The Poultry Farming Equipment Supplier then shares the chicken with you.


1. Improper light control excessive light causes pecking feathers and anal pecking in chickens. The amount of activity is too large, the energy consumption and the light source are unevenly set, which affects growth and production performance.

2. Food quality is not guaranteed

Individual farmers in the chicken stage feeding, using laid plastic paper feed, the amount is not enough or the time is too short, some directly use small feed bucket or aniseed bucket, resulting in the chicken intake is small, part of the chicken can not eat food. Feed preservation in high temperature environment, vitamin oxidation, quality decline, feed meat ratio increased, growth is too slow. The feed preservation of individual farmers lacks warehouse facilities and is not kept in accordance with technical regulations, resulting in mildew or contamination of feed intake of chicks.

3. The environment sanitation is in disorder poor chicken excrement is in disorder put, a large number of germ is diffused, chicken group can come on, affect culture economy benefit directly. The environment sanitation does not clean, the disinfection becomes the germ to hide dirt and dirt the place to threaten the chicken flock health at any time. Enter the production area, chicken coop without disinfection facilities, some of them are just like decorations, people become the culprit of disease transmission. The chicken house can not regularly take chicken disinfection, found that the group of problems have been too late. Chicken manure is not cleaned in time, chicken house ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide concentration is too high, easy to cause respiratory diseases, affect the production of vaccine antibodies, threatening the health of the body.

4. The effect of anti-epidemic immunization is poor. The quality of the vaccine cannot be guaranteed. The vaccine failed to operate according to the requirements of storage regulations, especially in rural areas without power failure countermeasures. During epidemic prevention operation, the diluted vaccine is not used up within 1-2 hours, which cannot guarantee that each chicken can obtain sufficient effective drug price. Drinking water immune water volume is insufficient or too much, drinking water is not clean enough, three days before and after immunization using disinfectant brown antiviral drugs, will affect the effect of epidemic prevention.

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