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The importance of installing modern aquaculture equipment

Pulished on Apr. 25, 2023

     Chicken breeds are one of the most popular breeding breeds today, and various scale chicken farms have been established in various countries around the world.  Chicken farming equipment is an important component of a chicken farm, and the number of chicken farming equipment in a chicken farm is closely related to the farming mode adopted by farmers.  It directly affects various factors in raising chickens.  How to scientifically raise seedlings in the early stage and breed or sell them in the later stage directly affects the efficiency of work and the income of breeders.  Only good products can compete with the market, establish a good reputation, and lay the foundation for long-term breeding.

1. Feeding equipment.

Chicken equipment is one of the most basic equipment, it mainly refers to the chicken cage, chicken coop and other equipment. Because of the different breeding methods of different farmers, so the chicken cage and chicken house equipment is also different. Among them, full step chicken coop, half step chicken coop, overlapping chicken coop, growing chicken coop, laying chicken coop are the most common. So the choice of chicken cage to choose according to the specific situation.

2, Drinking water temperature control device.The importance of installing modern aquaculture equipment

In the breeding process, drinking water and temperature control equipment is also very important, if the chickens can grow normally, they need a certain temperature, especially the chicks, more sensitive to temperature. That is to say, we should have heating and cooling equipment in the chicken farm. Second, the survival of chickens cannot do without water, drinking equipment is also essential, the general drinking equipment is water tank or hanging tray drinking water. If conditions permit, of course, vacuum water or nipple water fountain is the best choice.

3.  Feeding device.

In the daily feeding process, the feeding equipment we see is usually a feeding trough, which uses manual feeding equipment.  Although this can better observe the growth of chickens, the labor cost is relatively high.  Moreover, the shape of the feeding trough has a significant impact on the scattering of feed for chickens.  If the feeding trough is too shallow and there is no protective edge, it will waste a lot of feed.

Therefore, some chain plate feeding machines, spiral spring feeding machines, bucket feeding trucks, and mobile hoppers have also appeared in the market, which are common feeding equipment in chicken farms at present.

4. Ventilator defecation

Breeding industry should also pay special attention to the management of breeding environment. Ventilation equipment should be paid attention to first, but most chicken farms still use window ventilation. If the scale of farming is large, the ventilation effect is not good, so mechanical ventilation, such as fans, should be used. In fact, it is sanitary cleaning, that is to clean up feces, generally using manual cleaning, but if the amount of cleaning, artificial strength is too large, can also choose the corresponding scraping machine.

5. Heating equipmentThe importance of installing modern aquaculture equipment

If the purpose of heating and insulation can be achieved, you can choose electric heating, water heating, coal furnace, kang, ground kang and other heating methods, but pay attention to the coal furnace heating dirty, easy to happen gas poisoning, must be added to the chimney. The design of the house should pay attention to heat insulation.

6. Egg collection equipment

The chicken farm with high mechanized degree uses conveyor belt to collect eggs automatically, which has high efficiency but high breakage rate. Sometimes the general chicken home using hand-made mobile eggs.

7. Equipment for removing feces

General chicken farm using artificial regular cleaning, large scale chicken farm using mechanical cleaning.

8. chicken cage

Brood can use mesh board, can also use multi-layer brood. In addition to raising chickens on the flat net, most of them use overlapping or stepped breeding cages, and most farmers use 60-70 days of age to transfer directly to the laying cage. Laying hens are basically caged. At present, the domestic production of egg cage manufacturers are many, you can choose according to the actual situation. The area of the chicken coop must be guaranteed.The importance of installing modern aquaculture equipment

9.Lighting equipment

Domestic general use of ordinary light bulb lighting, the development trend of energy-saving lamps. Many chicken farms install automatic timing switch, instead of manual switch, to ensure accurate and reliable lighting time.

10. Incubation Equipment

Incubation equipment is the general term of the items needed in the incubation process, including incubation machine, hatching machine, hatching machine parts, hatching room special items, heating equipment, humidification equipment, measurement systems, etc.

11. Disinfection equipment

Agricultural sprayers, air pumps, etc.

12. Immunological and therapeutic equipment

Continuous syringe, needle, etc.

13.Beak breaking equipment for chickens

Electric beak breaker, electric soldering iron, etc.

14.Weighing equipment

Spring scale, steelyard, electronic weighing, etc.

The establishment of modern chicken farm not only needs modern chicken equipment, but also needs modern breeding concept. Modern chicken equipment includes heating equipment, ventilation equipment, water supply equipment, supply equipment, egg equipment, feces removal equipment, cage equipment, lighting equipment, etc. The concept of modern breeding includes setting up the awareness of good varieties, raising chicks is equally important, attaching importance to daily management, strengthening disinfection, and attaching importance to drugs with less feed quality.

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