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The Brooding Period Is Very Important to Raise Layers Well for A Long Time

Pulished on Dec. 31, 2022

The Brooding Period Is Very Important to Raise Layers Well for A Long Time

The brooding period is generally defined as the chicks of 0-5 weeks. This stage is mainly the rapid development of internal organs and immune system. If the brooding period is not properly managed, it will lead to slow development of the internal organs of the flock or poor organ function, and it will also lead to low immunity of the entire flock. Therefore, the brooding period is a very critical part of the entire feeding cycle. Whether the chicks are good or not largely determines the future production performance and health of the flock. Then there are many places we need to pay attention to besides temperature and humidity during the brooding period. Following we will talk about these issues.

1. Make sure the layer hens eat and drink early as soon as possible

The Brooding Period Is Very Important to Raise Layers Well for A Long Time

Drinking boiled water as early as possible helps to promote the absorption of yolk and the development of the digestive system. Chicks can drink water and feed at the same time, and there is no need to do it in sequence at present. If there is no problem with the chickens, we can choose additives to supplement energy and enhance nutrition, such as electrolytic multidimensional, glucose, etc.

2. Control of adenomyosis gastritis

Generally, the occurrence of adenoid gastritis has a lot to do with mycotoxins, such as eating moldy feed or water and air contaminated by mold. There are two points to pay attention:

a. Feed less and feed more frequently. Chicks eat less and digest quickly, so they need to eat more, and the feed for chicks is high in nutrients, so it is easier to become moldy and sour. Do not add too much each time, and add the next feed after the chicks have eaten.

b. The hygienic environment is clean, and the temperature and humidity in the house during the brooding period are high, which can easily promote the growth of mold. Disinfection of automated poultry breeding equipment is very necessary. As we all know, before entering the automatic poultry equipment, comprehensive disinfection should be done on the breeding land to ensure that there are no sources of infection and pathogens when the chickens enter the shed. Hygienic cleaning can reduce the reproduction of mold. It is recommended to carry out disinfection in the automatic chicken shed every day.

3. Picking chickens and grading

The Brooding Period Is Very Important to Raise Layers Well for A Long Time

In the process of chicken development, it is inevitable that there will be a phenomenon of different body weights. With the development of the chicken flock, the chickens with small weights will be the weak side in the process of grabbing food, which is not conducive to the overall development of our chicken flock, and the uniformity will be worse. We can put the chickens with small weights in the upper cage and put the heavy ones in the lower cage, because the temperature of the upper cage is higher than that of the lower cage, and it is easier for the chicks to grow and develop.

4. Avoid drug abuse

If the medication is used for a long time, it will cause damage to the kidneys. Therefore, it is recommended to add bile acid to protect the liver and detoxify the liver when using antibiotics. After all, liver damage will affect chickens. The digestive function of the flock leads to slow growth of the flock.

5. Flock density

Excessive density will cause problems such as poor air quality in the automated chicken shed and difficulty in feeding the chickens, which is not conducive to growth and development of the chickens.

If the density is too small, it will lead to problems such as waste of space, and low surface temperature of the flock, and is not conducive to the growth and development of the flock. Therefore, during the brooding period, the density of the flock must be well controlled, and timely separation and transshipment are required.

6. Ventilation

The Brooding Period Is Very Important to Raise Layers Well for A Long Time

Maintaining good ventilation in the chicken house can effectively reduce harmful gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide, and reduce the incidence of the respiratory tract in chickens. At the same time, when keeping the chicken house ventilated, the temperature of the chicken house should be ensured, and the temperature should not be ignored because of the ventilation. Pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling. In summer, open the doors and windows of the chicken house in time for ventilation. If the air in the house is relatively dry, you can sprinkle some water on the ground to cool down. If possible, you can build a pergola or plant some vines on the sunny side of the chicken house to achieve the purpose of cooling. When the temperature is higher than 30°c, chickens will be affected by severe heat stress and affecting growth and egg production.

All of the above problems will affect the growth and development of chicken flocks. If we don't pay attention, it will reduce our breeding profits in the later stage. Of course, there are many problems that need attention. In short, brooding is very important! Brooding requires care.

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