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Steadfast Progress: The Story of a Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturer

Pulished on Apr. 12, 2024

Two decades of journey, accompanied by technological advancements and changes in market demands, our factory has been continuously advancing and growing in the poultry farming equipment manufacturing industry. We proudly announce that as one of the leaders in this field, we have firmly established ourselves and achieved a series of milestones.

Technical Apex

Our factory boasts rich production experience, with 20 years of history witnessing our continuous technological progress. The introduction of nearly 20 efficient injection molding machines and over 30 CNC machining centers has made our production line more efficient and precise, providing us with diversified possibilities in product manufacturing.

Round-the-clock production, Flawless Operation

To meet customers' strict delivery deadlines, we have implemented round-the-clock 24-hour production. This means that our workshop operates day and night, providing stable and efficient production services to customers. Our team is always ready to ensure the timely delivery of orders.


Quality First

Quality is an eternal pursuit in our factory. We not only produce poultry farming equipment efficiently but also pay attention to the details of product quality. Our equipment integrates advanced production technology to ensure that every product meets strict quality standards. This commitment has won the trust and recognition of our customers.


Customer-Centric, Professional Solutions

Regardless of the size of the customer's order, we provide professional attitudes and efficient solutions. Our team works closely with customers to understand their needs and provide customized products and services according to their requirements. We understand that customer satisfaction is the key to our success.


Fully Automatic Poultry Farming Equipment

One of our proud products is our fully automatic poultry farming equipment series. This series of products adopts the latest intelligent technology, achieving full-process automation management of poultry farming. From feeding and drinking to cleaning, every step is carefully designed to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure the health and growth quality of poultry. Our fully automatic poultry farming equipment has been recognized and praised by numerous customers, becoming one of the popular choices in the market.


Cangzhou Phoenix Breeding Equipment Co., Ltd.

OEM and ODM Services

In addition to providing standard products, we can also provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services for customers. Through OEM services, we can customize production to meet customers' brand identification and requirements, providing personalized product solutions. With ODM services, we can provide a one-stop solution from product design to manufacturing based on customers' concepts and requirements, helping customers quickly launch new products and enhance their competitiveness in the market.


Continuous Innovation, Constantly Surpassing

As a leader in the industry, we emphasize continuous innovation. Every year, we invest in product development to continuously improve and update our product line. Currently, we have more than 200 molds to provide customers with more choices to meet different needs.


Going Global, Winning Recognition

Our products are not only selling well in the domestic market but also exported to more than 50 countries, winning the unanimous praise of customers. Our global customer base is our greatest pride and the driving force behind our continuous advancement.


Looking to the Future

In the future journey, we will continue to uphold the principles of quality first, and customer first, and continuously improve our technical level and service quality. We will continue to keep pace with the times, meet market challenges, innovate constantly, and provide customers with better products and services. We believe that with our joint efforts, the future will be even brighter!


The 20-year journey has witnessed the growth and development of our factory. We will continue to strive to set new benchmarks in the poultry farming equipment manufacturing industry and create greater value for customers!

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