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The Knowledge of The Sheep Bed Leaking Dung Board

Pulished on Nov. 24, 2022

The Knowledge of The Sheep Bed Leaking Dung Board

Product name: Sheep bed leaking manure board

Product color: white, green, yellow (can be customized according to demand)

Product structure: grid format

Product size: 100x50cm, 100x60cm, 60x60cm, 60x50cm (large quantity can be customized)

Product aperture: 6.5x1.5cm/5.0x1.5cm

Product material: polypropylene PP (pure raw material)

Product thickness: 5cm in the middle, 3cm on both sides, 1.5cm aperture

Product features: relatively high thermal insulation coefficient, good toughness, strong corrosion resistance, long service life, and high residual value.

Product function: save sheep feed, improve the resistance of sheep, reduce the cost of raising sheep, and improve the efficiency of raising sheep.

Product advantages: lightweight; excellent chemical stability; strong electrical insulation performance; low noise and vibration reduction; strong heat preservation function; multiple sizes for your choice.


The plastic sheep manure board is light in weight, flat and smooth, anti-corrosion, and equipped with a non-slip layer, which is an ideal manure floor for raising sheep. The plastic sheep manure board can make the sheep house have sufficient ventilation in the use of all seasons, which gbetweenatly reduces the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms in summer. In winter, close the door at noon and open the door when the temperature is high to exchange air. Maintain indoor air quality. 

The advantages of plastic sheep manure panels are as follows:


1. The plastic sheep manure board is easy to disassemble and assemble, with a snap-on design, and all sheep beds can be installed independently by individuals. Transport and handling are quick and easy.

2. The plastic sheep manure board is resistant to demand it is more p500 kgcal than wood, bamboo, cast iron (fragile) and other materials in an environment with high humidity. Moisture-proof, high corrosion resistance, made of unique materials, strong corrosion resistance; because the sheep bed indirectly isolates the ground, it is more moisture-proof in the rainy season.The Knowledge of The Sheep Bed Leaking Dung Board

3. The temperature difference of plastic sheep manure board is small, and the temperature difference between day and night of plastic is much smaller than that of cast iron, which is beneficial to the health of lambs and ewes, and prevents the sheep from getting sick due to the large temperature difference.

4. The plastic sheep manure board has a high load-bearing capacity. The double ribs on the back of the manure board are designed for load-bearing beams, which greatly improves the load-bearing capacity of the manure board. The test test is greater than 500KG/square meter, and you can rest assured to raise sheep on a large scale.

5. When the sheep defecate on the sheep bed, it will fall to the ground along with the manure leakage hole, and the feces are easy to collect and dispose of. The plastic sheep manure board is easy to wash, and can be washed by the high-pressure water gun of the washing machine. The leaky manure board has no gaps, is not easy to hide dirt, and is very clean.

6. The plastic sheep manure board is easy to load and unload. There are card slots on both sides for installation, which can be used with flat irons and pads. The serrated seamless connection on both sides makes your installation and disassembly more convenient.

7. The plastic sheep manure board prevents sheep from falling, and the surface is carefully frosted to increase the contact surface and improve friction, thereby preventing sheep from falling and being injured.

8. To prevent the legs from being stuck, the feces leakage hole is designed according to the body structure of the lamb legs, so that the lamb legs will not get stuck on the processed sheep bed.

9. Various colors are available, mainly green, because of sheep-like green.

10. Strong comfort, sheep will be more comfortable lying on the plastic sheep bed all year round, especially in winter, which is of great help to the growth of sheep.

11. Improve the pen environment, after using the sheep bed for a long time, the breeding of bacteria in the pen is greatly reduced.

The material of the plastic sheep bed on the floor of the sheep-raising manure

The Knowledge of The Sheep Bed Leaking Dung Board

There are two types of plastic sheep manure boards in terms of material: one is PP plastic and the other is EPS30R plastic. To say whether the manure floor is practical or not, the main difference lies in its raw materials. The practical manure floor With the addition of expensive anti-ultraviolet absorbers (also known as anti-aging agents), this kind of floor can be used for more than ten years, and the floor without anti-oxidants and anti-ultraviolet absorbers can generally be used for 4-5 years, some manufacturers will add calcium powder and glass fiber to the raw materials in order to increase the weight of the leaky floor. Although the weight is the same as that of the leaky floor with antioxidants, the leakage of calcium powder and glass fiber The manure floor is not used for a long time, and its service life is only two years. After two years, this kind of leaky manure floor will calcify and become brittle, which will increase the cost of secondary investment for breeding friends.

Phoenix breeding equipment company plastic sheep bed is made of polypropylene material, and it is made of one-time injection molding by a large injection molding machine. The sheep bed made is resistant to falling, compression, and corrosion, and more importantly, the careful design of the leakage hole, ensures that the sheep manure can fall into the manure ditch smoothly, and there is no need to worry about accidental heart of the sheep bed. After it is dirty, it can be refreshed after washing it with water. Our company promises never to add any calcium powder and guarantees the production of pure raw materials, so you can buy with confidence.

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