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Experience and management measures of large-scale chicken farms

Pulished on Jul. 20, 2022

Experience and management measures of large-scale chicken farms

At this stage, with the continuous development of social productivity and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, animal husbandry has ushered in an important opportunity for development. The large-scale rise of chicken farms can directly reflect the current development situation of animal husbandry.

1. Improve the management level of employees in chicken farms

Professional breeding talents are an important source of power for the development of large-scale chicken farms. Therefore, relevant departments and staff should fully recognize the importance of talents in the breeding and management activities of chicken farms, and carry out comprehensive management of staff in chicken farms from the macro and detail levels at the same time, so as to improve the production efficiency of chicken farms in essence.

2. Strengthen disease prevention and control

In the work of sanitation and epidemic prevention, chicken farms should first do a good job in the disinfection process. High-quality disinfection is the fundamental measure to prevent the spread of disease. Therefore, the staff should carry out all-round control of each link of disinfection in the disinfection work, so that the disinfection work can be completed with quality and quantity guaranteed. In the disinfection work, the staff should choose the drugs with good disinfection effect and consider the economy of disinfection drugs. In the selection of disinfection drugs, the drugs with broad spectrum, high efficiency and low toxicity should be followed, and the relevant specifications and standards should be followed.

3. Improve the configuration of breeding materials

Feed is an important basis for raising chickens, and it is also the largest part of the cost of large-scale chicken farms. Generally speaking, in large-scale chicken farms, the proportion of capital investment in feed can account for more than 70% of the total capital investment. Therefore, in the process of chicken farm development, relevant departments and technicians must strictly control the quality of feed and introduce technology, and ensure that chickens can absorb enough nutrients in the process of daily feeding, so as to fully meet the needs of chicken growth and development needs. The ration in the chicken farm should use complete formula feed. On the basis of ensuring energy supply and protein supply, some nutrients, such as amino acids, various vitamins and mineral elements, should be appropriately added to the feed to prevent chicken from lack of nutrition. Deficiency of nutrition elements causes chronic diseases. At the same time, in the preservation of feed, it is necessary to ensure that the feed is stored in a normal temperature and cool room, and the spoiled feed should be dealt with in time. In the process of feed feeding, the relevant staff should pay close attention to the feeding status of each chicken, and the chickens with abnormal feeding status should be included in the production records in time, and corresponding treatment should be carried out when necessary, so as to ensure comprehensively ensure the growth of chicken flocks.

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