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Installation And Use Of Chicken Nipple Drinker

Pulished on Aug. 26, 2019

There are many types of Chicken Nipple Drinker, more manufacturers, and the difference in product performance and quality. The characteristics of the chicken nipple drinker and the precautions during installation are reported below shared by professional Chicken Nipple Drinker Supplier.

Chicken Nipple Drinker

Chicken Nipple Drinker

1. The structure nipple type drinking fountain has three types: cone seal type, steel ball seal type and spring seal type. It consists of valve body, contact rod, sealing ring, steel ball, spring, connecting seat and so on. The high quality nipple drinker body is made of ABS engineering plastic, and the stem, steel ball and spring are made of stainless steel. The rubber sealing ring is easy to aging and has a short service life; while the PTFE sealing ring has good elasticity, good quality, is not easy to aging, and has a long service life.

2. Features the use of nipple type drinking fountains, water quality is not easy to pollute, can reduce the spread of disease, less evaporation, wide adaptability, and no need to clean after use, can reduce labor intensity, save water, is an ideal closed drinking water device. However, the nipple type drinking fountain has high requirements on water quality and is easy to be blocked. A filter should be installed on the water supply line. The filter screen size is not less than 200 mesh, and an automatic dosing device should be provided at the same time.

3. Installation of drinking fountains should be standardized to ensure that the water pipes are straight to ensure the water supply volume throughout the water pipes, otherwise there will be uneven water supply. The nipple type drinking fountain should be installed vertically so as not to hinder the activity of the chicken. The chicken head can be used to open the valve core to drain the drinking water, which is in line with the chicken's drinking habit. In order to ensure that the chicken can drink fresh water at any time, it is best to use an automatic water supply device. The nipple drinker has a low working water pressure and is often used in conjunction with a pressure reducing valve or a water tank to adjust the water pressure to suit the needs of chickens of different ages.

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