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A-Type Chicken Cage

Product Description

Poultry Farming Equipment a type layer chicken cage with automatic system

A-Type Chicken Cage

Special Design for Client's Farm

A-Type Chicken Cage

1. Why use chicken cages in poultry farm ?

(1)Automated controlled system;

(2)High rearing efficiency;

(3)Designed for rearing and growing;

(4)Floor saving and cost efficient;

(5)Easy maintenance and operation

2. how to choose layer cages for your poultry farm ?

There are many size and type of layer cage in market, you should choose as weight and size of your birds, also the climate in your country. For example, 1.5KG and 2.5KG requests for different size of layer cage. Under hot and cool weather the lifespan of same quality of chicken layer cage will be very different. So the price is not the only.

(1) below 2000 birds. we advice you choose manual layer cage, drinking system is automated, workers will put food in chicken trough and picked eggs, in future if you want to enlarge your farm to 10,000+ birds, our automatic feeding equipment and automatic egg collection will be installed on the using layer cage directly.

(2)between 5000 birds to 10,000 birds. beside layer cage, we advice you choose manure removal system, chicken dropping cleaning on time will reduce disease and improve egg production rate, meanwhile it will save much more time and labor cost.

(3)Beyond 15,000 birds. some automatic equipment should be installed, you will own two or more chicken house, it is easy to manage, such as automatic egg collection, works once or twice a day.

3. What accessories included in one set chicken cages ? 



Water pipe

new PVC material, 
no deformation,high temperature resistance,not easy to damage.

Nipple drinker

warranty>10 years 
Stainless steel ball inside nipple drinker

 Feed trough

loading capacity>60kg/pc, White PVC material, 
adults can walking on it and not easy to be damaged during transport

Galvanized cage mesh

One cage basket 
Door, top mesh, back mesh, bottom mesh and partition mesh

Steel cage frame

warranty>20 years 
Iron bar, Galvanization surface treatment,

Fixing accessories

Connector of water pipe and feeding trough 
Cage clips, cage frame nuts and so on

Water pressure controlling system

Including the terminal device and water-split device,supply average water to the pipe

A-Type Chicken Cage